Where may I buy tickets?

The best and most convenient place is here on our website. It’s secure, fast, has real time availability, and you can do it at your leisure.

To check same day availability or make reservations over the phone please call (541)886-0086.

*Please note that we proudly employ local working parents and encourage them to work from home with their children. So if you hear a crying baby in the background that’s the way it’s supposed to be here at JO Trolley. 🙂

How many total guests can ride on one tour?

We have seating for 28 guests plus two wheelchair guests. Our total number of guests could be much larger if we have some lap-riders, the number above (28) is the total number of bottoms in the seats we can accommodate.

Who qualifies as a Lap-rider?

Children ages 0-2 years are considered lap-riders. *JO TROLLEY BONUS* Lap-riders ride for FREE! Yippee!

How many guests per seat?

Each bench seat will fit 2 adults side by side. With two lap-riders each seat could fit 4 guests. Lap-riders must be age 2 or under. 4 to a seat would probably get a bit cramped though. Knee room is limited. It's possible if they're smaller you could fit three children in one seat, we ask that the guardians please sit immediately behind them if you choose this seating arrangement.

Can JO Trolley accommodate wheelchair guests?

Yes we sure can, we can take up to two wheelchair guests per tour. Our lift can safely load a total combined weight (passenger and chair) of 700 lbs. We are proud to offer this option. We are one of the only local adventure tours that can accommodate wheelchair guests.

What should I bring?

You, your family, your friends, your neighbors, you get where we're going here... Most people of all ages will enjoy our Trolley tour. You should definitely bring your camera, binoculars are a good idea, and any weather gear you deem necessary, like sun protection, or a jacket or sweater depending on the time of the season. It can still be quite cool here in Joseph in May and even June and once September comes around it starts again. The air is very clean here and we're closer to the sun than you might be used to so take that sun protection tip to heart. Our windows are tinted but even that doesn't stop our intense sun and even the shortest amount of time outside can lead to a quick sunburn. We will also frequently run with half of our windows open to help keep the temperatures tolerable on board.

May I smoke on the tour?

Sorry, no, for all of our guests enjoyment you may not smoke during our tour. This includes at our stops. Our roadsides, surrounding forest lands, and Trolley don't mix well with fire.

May we have food or drink on board?

Water is great, you'll need it in the summer for sure and we'll have it for sale for $1 a bottle if you need it. For the enjoyment of all our guests we ask that you refrain from eating snacks or drinking sticky drinks while on board. You'll have some time at our stops to eat a quick snack.

What do we do with our garbage?

We have garbage and recycling receptacles on board JO Trolley. Please use them. They will be placed outside of the Trolley during our stops. We all need to do our part to keep our area pristine.

Any room for belongings?

You can fit a backpack sized bag / purse / diaper bag in your lap or at your feet, that's about it.

Is there a lot of knee room?

JO Trolley is essentially a fancy old passenger bus, it's not going to be first class space but most guests should be comfortable. If you're really tall or long legged you might want to try to get a seat towards the rear of the Trolley. There is a tiny bit more knee room in those seats.

Are there seatbelts?

No, there are not. If you are concerned with keeping your little ones in their seats please see our car seat question below.

Will a car seat fit in the Trolley seat?

Yep sure will. If you would like to use a car seat we ask that you please purchase a child ticket. Even if your child is age 2 or under. Reason being is a car seat will take up the seat space for a paying guests. It's also important to keep in mind that your car seat will not be able to be secured in the Trolley bench seat. Your car seat will only be there to assist in keeping your little one seated if needed.

How about strollers? May we bring one?

There is room in the back of the trolley to secure a couple strollers but space is very limited and first come first served. Please remember that if you need your stroller at each stop it will take our conductor some time to get it out for you. We recommend a child carrier of some sort if needed. You'll only be off the Trolley at the overlook for 30 minutes.

May I breastfeed my baby on board?

That's nature, have at it, baby's gotta eat.

Do the windows open?

A majority of the windows are fixed but about every other window will open to keep the temperatures on board tolerable during the summer heat. We will fix them open during the warmest weeks of the year. If you do not wish to have an open window please sit in a seat with a closed one. We ask that our guests keep the windows that are open, open, and those that are closed will likely be fixed closed so please don't try to force them open.